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Here's a flattering, not too distant photo of me in a casual, laid-back and unshaven position. I'll get a suited up one sometime soon, for sure.

charles cant

I am a healthcare professional with long standing experience from different positions and fields both in Diagnostics and Pharma. While a scientist by education and mindset, I have formal business training and commercial exposure.

A Brit by origin, I left my country in 1996 to Munich, where I did a Ph.D in Molecular Biology at the Max-Planck Institute, working on a family of immunoreceptors that, were newly discovered at the time, but have since become a hot topic in cancer research.

I began my career in industry at Roche, leading an R&D team that developed in vitro diagnostic assays for cardiology.   

After 5 years I transitioned to the commercial side of industry and progressed through various strategic and commercial roles.

In these roles I led teams that  established important  business processes needed to define medical strategy and the subsequent early  development pipeline. 10 years later, these processes are to my knowledge still firmly in place. 

I was an International Product Manager for a few years, managing a portfolio of diagnostic tests for Critical Care Medicine.  In that position you have all sorts of different and challenging things to take care of, and despite all this I’m pretty proud of what I achieved there. Ultimately, the thing I liked most was working together with clinicians and customers in the field to help them better use the products to help their patients. 

That’s what i went on to do for my remaining time in industry, and still do today – I work together with clinical professionals to devise educational events and initiatives focused on improving standards of care over the world. 

I’ve worked for several years both on behalf of industry as well as independently for non-profit organisations.

While fond of technology, innovation and ideation in general, the accomplishments I have been most proud of professionally have been achieved with and through people.

I’m an agreeable, extroverted person who is motivated by people and ideas. I’m fun to work with, I think people find me enjoyable to work with. 

I’m looking forward to hearing about how I can support your project.

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