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I am able to get you set up with an event, a site and a community.


Website, Webinar and Virtual Event Management and Hosting

Clinician Education Programmes

Industry Consultations for Medical Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals. 

Website, webinar and Virtual event management

If you are planning an educational event for medical professionals, we will organise and host both virtual and physical medical webinars with Healthcare Professionals from our (or your) network in diverse medical fields.

Industry Consulting

Industry expert in Rx/Dx. 20 years international experience in Commercial, Product Management, Marketing and R&D. Medical diagnostic assay development, life cycle management and clinical expert liaison ( KOL mgmt)

Clinical Education Programmes

I can develop an online or physical educational training course for your organisation or your organisation's customers according to your needs.

Video editing and production

I am able to prepare or organise edited materials for you at short notice, and make them available online on your website or on a webpage developed according to your requirements.

Norman & Turner,
Experienced Financial Planning & Investment Advisors

Our mission is to guide clients through these uncertain times with professional financial advice. To help them make the right decisions to secure their financial future.

Ruben Norman

Founder, CFP
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Marvin Turner

Co-Founder, CFP
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Brett Loremous

Construction Manager at Ammigle

“I can’t say enough about the excellent consultation and advice I have received from Norman & Turner through the years. They took the time to really understand my financial goals and never treated me like “just another Client”. Their assistance with personal and corporate income tax, investments, and retirement has been invaluable. I’v been able to achieve more then expected thanks to them.”

Emily Reloupod

Retired business owner

“Norman & Turner has been excellent in their handling of our financial affairs. They were able to explain complex financial matters to us in an easy and understandable way. They explained all the options available to us, which helped us make better decisions. They are extremely knowledgable, friendly, and caring and we were very impressed by them. Highly recommended!”

Client Testimonials

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